NEW iPad Pro AND MacBook Air

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Talking about the new 2020 iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini!
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    Ай мурун

    What the California and Utah state needs is a torrential downpour to put an end to those wildfires.

  • Jake Flocco

    Jake Flocco

    2 ай мурун

    I don’t really care about the technology videos, I think it’s great that we as the viewer get to see what the creators think about what is going on in the world.
    Cause I know it might sound insane - but life doesn’t or shouldn’t revolve around normality. It should revolve around reality, and another thing, a somewhat of a look inside of the lives of the people. To see how they are affected, and what strategies they put in place to maybe pass the time, or even just boosting their self esteem. That’s what I want to see.

  • Aassaass Lamas

    Aassaass Lamas

    2 ай мурун

    You look so cute in this video Justine. ❤️. I love you.

  • Goutham Chotu

    Goutham Chotu

    2 ай мурун

    Your talking speed is 2x 😂

  • sunil kumar

    sunil kumar

    3 ай мурун

    Can you give me an iPhone

  • Kristina Mekhael

    Kristina Mekhael

    3 ай мурун

    so excited for my iPad Pro 2020 and Apple Pencil 2! :)

  • Mxlti Brights

    Mxlti Brights

    3 ай мурун

    Her: starts mobile editing~me: already editing just not yt videos 😳

  • Rumsen Ta

    Rumsen Ta

    3 ай мурун

    i literally wanna cry. i was watching this vid on my brand new macbook air and i literally spilt water on my trackpad. FMLLLLLLLLL



    4 ай мурун

    lives destroyed? uh it's a hoax, sorry. wish I could prove it but can't......and no one would believe what I'd say anyway. just know it's fake and so is everything you know. never watch television. it lies.

  • Joseph Rodriguez

    Joseph Rodriguez

    4 ай мурун

    Sorry they wouldn’t let you go to Mars of all the things you were had to bring with you LOL

  • Hi Bee

    Hi Bee

    4 ай мурун

    “When people’s lives are being destroyed”
    When people’s lives are actually being destroyed

  • Marah Othman

    Marah Othman

    5 ай мурун

    Give me the iPad for my college ☹️ JK♥️

  • tedy mulyo

    tedy mulyo

    5 ай мурун

    Brand new iPad for a great JustU.Faith/NewiPad Had been searching for an iPad for my 7 (almost 8) year old nephew and I just couldn’t justify spending on one. Thankfully, amazon came through with the clutch. Works great and he loves it. Thank you.

  • Prachi Gaba

    Prachi Gaba

    5 ай мурун

    She is going through something hard!!!
    Could see it through her face.



    5 ай мурун

    Can u gift me?

  • rakkha surya

    rakkha surya

    6 ай мурун

    Can the Solidwork application work on iPad Pro?

  • Jamila Jenkins

    Jamila Jenkins

    6 ай мурун

    Hi Justine I don’t have a laptop or a MacBook and I love your videos

  • Tvshadow Stk

    Tvshadow Stk

    6 ай мурун

    What is the best cases to get for my new iPad Pro

  • Darnell Ruffin

    Darnell Ruffin

    6 ай мурун

    Does the new iPad Pro stand case support the 2019 IPad Pro



    6 ай мурун

    If you combine the iPad Pro and the MacBook together it’ll be called the iBook right?

  • Reina Arana

    Reina Arana

    6 ай мурун


  • Yves D Great

    Yves D Great

    6 ай мурун

    Watching this with my old version of ipad pro

  • Lily Moir

    Lily Moir

    6 ай мурун

    Does the new iPad Pro keyboard work with the old iPad ???

  • Cashara Johnson

    Cashara Johnson

    6 ай мурун

    I order the iPad Pro 12.9 512gb silver 2020 iPad Pro Tuesday morning got it yesterday that was so fast



    6 ай мурун

    Ninja baby attack

  • Tom_Holland_Fan


    6 ай мурун

    And I have glasses

  • Ari Balkin

    Ari Balkin

    6 ай мурун

    So between the new iPad 2020 and the new MacBook Air what would you recommend? Hope everyone is staying safe!

  • Muhamed Afsal Kp

    Muhamed Afsal Kp

    6 ай мурун

    Just get one somewhere 🙄

  • Muhamed Afsal Kp

    Muhamed Afsal Kp

    6 ай мурун

    Can the student get the ipad pro discount

  • Airbus A320 Aviation

    Airbus A320 Aviation

    6 ай мурун

    She’s talking about how small the 16” MacBook Air is, but does anyone remember when there was an 11” MacBook Air? 😂

    • Jamium


      3 ай мурун

      Standards change over time

    • Carmen Lariccia

      Carmen Lariccia

      6 ай мурун

      I’m still using my 13” MacBook Air! 😂

    • Louis Gabriel

      Louis Gabriel

      6 ай мурун


  • Scott Dietz

    Scott Dietz

    6 ай мурун

    How about a video of your mobile editing workflow and the mobile software you mentioned.

  • Fatchoi 27

    Fatchoi 27

    6 ай мурун


  • Fun With Ella

    Fun With Ella

    6 ай мурун

    Do a video about the new case

  • JakeShaw16


    6 ай мурун

    Again an overpriced apple product

  • Steve V

    Steve V

    7 ай мурун

    You must be very rich to be able to afford a Mars mission. You will also be waiting a long time. 😎

  • Steve V

    Steve V

    7 ай мурун

    iPad Pro will one day replace MacBooks completely in my opinion. Just a matter of time.

  • Michelle Stange

    Michelle Stange

    7 ай мурун

    Your voice is so sad in this video🥺

  • iWajdi


    7 ай мурун

    I played the whole Tomb Raider 2013 in one night I pretty sure that i am doing Quarantine activity right!

  • Mohammed Fakhruddin

    Mohammed Fakhruddin

    7 ай мурун

    I subscribed to yours and jonathan's channel and I would really like the 2020 IPad Pro because I have to do everything with a MacBook Pro from 2009 so I would really like the 2020 IPad Pro please

  • YouTube Zone

    YouTube Zone

    7 ай мурун


  • Greg G

    Greg G

    7 ай мурун

    Trying to look on the bright side.
    All of those grounded planes and petrol/diesel cars that are staying in the driveway and not polluting the air. I call that a bright side.
    Stay safe and thanks for uploading videos. The iPad looks good. I still have the first iPad pro. might get this one or wait until next years.

    • Jamium


      3 ай мурун

      Do you know something else that indirectly pollutes the air? Your iPad.

  • Yami Hybrid

    Yami Hybrid

    7 ай мурун

    Thank you dude, the change of pace on my feed is welcome.

  • RDS Photography

    RDS Photography

    7 ай мурун

    I too use my iPad 2018 Pro for video editing with RUSH when traveling. Love the high speed processor in the iPad which requires NO COOLING. I expect future
    Apple computing devices to be varying sizes of the thin, cool running iPad design with varying desk tops stands or wall hanging devices. This would be a bold step by Apple, but the cost to produce a range of computing solutions (desktop, portable, pocket) would go down. The utility of each machine would go up. Time will tell.

  • Karina Royuki

    Karina Royuki

    7 ай мурун


  • SvpremeFluid


    7 ай мурун

    I have the new iPad pro

  • Victoria McLeod

    Victoria McLeod

    7 ай мурун

    I feel like we can’t call the iPad a computer replacement when there’s no Flash extension compatibility. Coming from an iPad Pro owner I’ve hated that I can’t complete certain school or work projects when it’s constantly not supported.

    • Jamium


      3 ай мурун

      Flash is dead. Anything still using it needs to migrate to HTML5.

  • ClayDog


    7 ай мурун

    Hope the new iPad does not bend the like the last one. I have been waiting for the new one to come out to replace my 2017 pro with battery 🔋 issues

  • Trisel


    7 ай мурун

    does anyone know if the new ipad keyboard works for the ipad pro 2019 model?

  • druid4lifee


    7 ай мурун

    Who uses the camera on a ipad pro?

  • Kazunari Yoshikuni

    Kazunari Yoshikuni

    7 ай мурун

    great video as always, justine
    you’re my favorite apple product reviewer 😃👍

  • dana


    7 ай мурун

    do you prefer the MacBook Air or pro??

  • Siri


    7 ай мурун

    At these strangest of times, YouTubers and creators are helping people cope mentally. Lets also take a moment to applaud our healthcare workers risking their lives on the frontline 👏

  • Alexa Hernandez

    Alexa Hernandez

    7 ай мурун

    When will MacBook be touch screen lol so we can use the pencil!!🤓

  • Maria Liza Enjambre

    Maria Liza Enjambre

    7 ай мурун

    I want one!!! 😭😭❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer

    7 ай мурун

    Damn there’s more frickin adverts on this video than there is on the xfactor show.

    • Jamium


      3 ай мурун

      Did you think she stole her iPad?

  • Arianna Pagán

    Arianna Pagán

    7 ай мурун

    I wanna see the iPad on AR, how can I do that?

  • Mir Qazim

    Mir Qazim

    7 ай мурун

    I only come to see your excitement....I love that....



    7 ай мурун

    I love the black table. the way it frames you like you are reaching outside the Frame is super cool. I agree with everyone else, keep creating. we all need the entertainment more than other.

  • karachuchay vlog

    karachuchay vlog

    7 ай мурун

    hey justin i just wanna know if there will be an ipad mini 6 this 2020m? thanks

  • giuliana giordano

    giuliana giordano

    7 ай мурун

    It you get the chance, can you review the Ipad air before i get it?

  • Mia


    7 ай мурун

    Her energy is quite different though, you can absolutely tell.

  • Tapas Das

    Tapas Das

    7 ай мурун

    i lov u......

  • Fabrizio Venanzi

    Fabrizio Venanzi

    7 ай мурун

    Such a bad time to launch two (amazing) products

  • Baconface McGee

    Baconface McGee

    7 ай мурун

    I’m an introvert and I’ve been self quarantining and social distancing myself for years.

  • moinettee lemoine

    moinettee lemoine

    7 ай мурун


  • Chrithh


    7 ай мурун

    you should watch the crown on Netflix it's sooo good

  • ChubaPapi21


    7 ай мурун

    Netflix AU - (What I would recommend/have watched all of)
    ~ Movies
    *Brain on Fire*
    *In The Tall Grass*
    *The King*
    *Always be my Maybe*
    ~ Tv Shows
    *The Stranger*
    *The Society*
    Also thanks for keeping us entertained with the new content that you put out. I think I can speak for everyone else that are on lockdown at the moment - having something new come up in the Youtube feed is a God send, otherwise I find myself rewatching old vids just to keep myself semi-entertained for an hour whilst having absolutely, nothing else to do.

  • Erin Combs

    Erin Combs

    7 ай мурун

    Justine, your content brings light to the dark days. You are my premium content for all electronics and I make sure to listen to your reviews before purchasing a product. Thank you for creating

  • parkingthought


    7 ай мурун

    Actually, a large chunk of the economy and people's lives can continue to move forward while things are being disrupted by COVID. Keeping things as normal as possible is really helpful. One reason I'll be getting this device is to help me transition my work to working remote. Thank you for sharing this video! Keep up the good work.

    • Jamium


      3 ай мурун

      Who are you arguing with?

  • Music Lover

    Music Lover

    7 ай мурун

    iJustine be Healthy ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Gary Whitney

    Gary Whitney

    7 ай мурун

    I think tech products are the last thing we need to spend our money on. We are looking at 6 months of possible shut downs massive job loses or pay cuts. Now is not the time.

  • Alfie Moloney

    Alfie Moloney

    7 ай мурун

    Could u do a Whoopee cushion rewiew video

  • Felix KY Tang

    Felix KY Tang

    7 ай мурун

    I really don’t know if I need the ipad of the MacBooks

  • boygonewild_


    7 ай мурун

    Come on! You don’t care about other people’s lives

  • Mateo White

    Mateo White

    7 ай мурун

    I love that wallpaper on the iPads

  • Bollywood Media

    Bollywood Media

    7 ай мурун

    so she did not buy the 2020 MacBook Air to review ?????????????

  • Jackie Douma

    Jackie Douma

    7 ай мурун

    Keep up your content iJusine you are doing something for everyone, you are helping keep everyone who is interested in tech spirits up xo

  • Naveen S

    Naveen S

    7 ай мурун

    Ur so cute and unboxing my heart 😘😍😘😍🥰😍

  • Jake Vanzanten

    Jake Vanzanten

    7 ай мурун

    Ahhh I love the new iPad especially with the keyboard. Too bad I can’t afford it

  • John Joseph Tech

    John Joseph Tech

    7 ай мурун

    I found the missing plugin!

  • Love, Annika

    Love, Annika

    7 ай мурун

    looks like a green screen hheheh

  • Space V

    Space V

    7 ай мурун

    i just bought the old ipad pro, but im good

  • Vera


    7 ай мурун

    Why is it cheaper than the previous one???

  • Life Optimized

    Life Optimized

    7 ай мурун

    A preview...a review without having the product yet. Interesting.

  • JigokuHebi


    7 ай мурун

    Hi uhm Can it be connected to pc as in winbased pc?
    Also can an usb like typical port be used or more like to the monitor?
    If yes then can it be used as a graphic tablet for example Cintiq from Wacom? Will the apple pen still react as it does normally?
    Can the screen sharing connection be reversed? As in see on monitor what is happening on the iPad?



    7 ай мурун


  • Cruz Ricardo

    Cruz Ricardo

    7 ай мурун


  • ليث محمد علوان

    ليث محمد علوان

    7 ай мурун

    يلعن هالتصوير

  • l i f e w i t h l a u r y n

    l i f e w i t h l a u r y n

    7 ай мурун

    Next she’s gonna buy an apple house .

  • samlol23


    7 ай мурун

    I’m gonna make people’s laser/radar detector bug out and watch them hit the brakes over and over and over

  • Sイラストレーション


    7 ай мурун

    The latest iPad Pro’s benchmarks is suck
    You should wait for the next one that is supposed to come out in this autumn if you have 2018 version.

  • Cecile Kalayadjian

    Cecile Kalayadjian

    7 ай мурун

    waouh with that confinement I totally forgot the new iPad Pro, thanks Justine for entertaining us , hope u are ok , and do not tik Tok too much ;) lots of love from France

  • kimlovesfun


    7 ай мурун

    Thank you iJustine for the awesome content and reviews. You're a lovely site for sore eyes ❤

  • Garrett Davis

    Garrett Davis

    7 ай мурун

    Someone didn’t review the video before uploading lol.

  • Tom Gargano

    Tom Gargano

    7 ай мурун

    So if the keyboard port charges the iPad then that must mean the iPad has a form of wireless charging?

  • James Bunt

    James Bunt

    7 ай мурун

    Watching this in a darken room on a projector was interesting as every time Justine hands went forward on the black table it looked like she was popping out of the bottom of the screen.

  • Josiah Cornett

    Josiah Cornett

    7 ай мурун

    Hey, Justine, don’t let your fans dictate your life. If you want to make videos right now, great! But don’t do anything to the detriment of your mental health because of fans who are bored and asking for it. You do you! 😁

  • Gustavo Torassi

    Gustavo Torassi

    7 ай мурун

    Hi 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Thomas Rose

    Thomas Rose

    7 ай мурун

    FaceID on iMac and MacBook will be a problem especially I have "Add to Cart" syndrome; what if it mistakes my eyes for confirmation and payment. I can already see how broke I am going to get if they do that hahah!

  • Lyman Starner

    Lyman Starner

    7 ай мурун

    I got the series 5 Apple Watch 2 weeks ago