Top iPhone Accessories For Making Videos!

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Showing you guys some of my favorite iPhone accessories for vlogging, film making and photography! Come to Vlog University Jan 31 and Feb 1 use VLOG25 at check out for discount!
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DJI Osmo 3:
Small Rig Phone Cage:
Benro Tripod:
Manfrotto Tripod:
Larger phone holder:
Tiny Litra Light:
Larger Litra Light:
Shure Microphone:
Moment iPhone 11 Case:
Moment Fisheye Lens:
Moment Telephoto lens:
Moment Anamorphic:
Moment Macro Lens:
Moment Travel Case:
DJI Mavic Mini:
Snapchat: iJustine

Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

  • Rhema Series

    Rhema Series

    2 күн мурун

    Why does everyone keep talking about iphone video making....... it's all great and all that..but I have an LGv30 plus which does better than iphones.. it has everything a real video camera has. Try n make something for Android.. because all of the gears you have here I use it for my android and it's so good. LGv30 plus is the best and has everything I'm yet to see in any smart phone

  • B R O S T O C H - KH STUDIO [សម្រាយរឿង]

    B R O S T O C H - KH STUDIO [សម្រាយរឿង]

    2 күн мурун

    so good

  • ChrisWEEZ


    4 күн мурун

    This video was PERFECT. I just bought an iPhone mini and was looking to see if a moment case is worth it, and those lenses (while expensive) look like they would work well. LOVED the gimbal—exactly what I was looking for!

  • Everyday Apple Living

    Everyday Apple Living

    5 күн мурун

    Thanks for this tutorial!

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    SAM HO

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    Loved the video! Thanks, Justine.

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    Tyler Savage

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    Teach me your ways

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    It's Dawson

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    Canale del Bello e del Brutto -vlog&reportages-

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    Sweet Paige

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    This is so helpful thx

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    Saoirse Cea

    24 күн мурун

    Hi where do you buy your iphone12 pro max cover? Will these things will work with iphone12 pro max?

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  • Gulzar Hashim

    Gulzar Hashim

    Ай мурун

    1st time I watched your video and I got lots of tips and I have also 11pro max and I am new YouTuber as well . My question is about accessories for mobile.
    1: cordless microphone
    2: Which Gimbal suppose to use
    3: extra lenses
    4: lights
    5: editing software with mobile
    6: if I will buy a cordless microphone then how I will fix receiver with gimbal or try port.
    Please give me advise..🙏🙏🙏

  • Dat dude678

    Dat dude678

    Ай мурун

    Where did u get that cage thing

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    Sxmplymint Playz

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    Jackson Blackledge

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    Sailor Jupiter2

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    Rosa Pascual

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    This is exactly the video I have been looking for! I’ve been wanting to do some recording, but I’m really shy in front of people so the osmo 3 is what I’ve been looking for since you said it moves with you!!

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    Hi Ijustine. If you will have to choose one of this ✌️ devices for starting with a new channel, with one would you choose? Shure mv88+ kit or djom4? Thanks!



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    🤩that steady camera 📷 And what a view ❤😍

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    Lea Fox-England

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    What is the name of that first tripod and the stabilizing unit you were using PLEASE???

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    2 ай мурун

    One reason to get Moment/Rhino/Whatever lenses is that sensor on telephoto and ultra wide is pure garbage. With Moment, you can use the phone's main sensor for different focal lengths. Hopefully in iPhone 12 they'll put proper sensor at least on ultra wide.

  • Pepe :D

    Pepe :D

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